We are experts within audio branding and sound design. Here are our services.

Our process is similar to the development of a graphic identity. We review your marketing goals and channels of communication and develop a unified sound concept for you, as well as tailor-made audio products for you to use. Your written concept documentation, the Sound Strategy™, ensures that your company speaks in a unified voice and that you have control over how it is heard.

By listening to your vision and specific needs we set guidelines for how your brand or product should communicate with sound. The output is documented in a Sound Strategy™ including a sound concept and recommendations on how to proceed together with plans of audiozones, samples of sound products etc, depending on the extent of your project.

A Pilot Study focusing on a concept for a Sound Strategy™ is a first step in the process of creating a sound identity for your brand. The Pilot study indicates factors that creates, enhances and clarifies the overall experience of any contact with your brand.

Contact us for further information about what a Sound Strategy™ can do for your business.

Based on the Sound Strategy™ we produce and implement:

  • Soundscapes
    Custom made compositions and designed sound for buildings and destinations.

  • Brand Music
    Customized music profile, technical solution and subscription/update services for the right music in your stores or other units.

  • Sound in Marketing
    Production, implementation and support for the right sound for your brand in all channels.

  • Brand Voice
    Voice recommendations and casting of the right voice to personify your brand.

  • Sound Logo & Musical Theme
    Development of the trademark sound of your brand.

  • Earcons
    Informative sound icons for buildings and products.

  • Infotainment
    Concepts and production of informative messages and stories in an entertaining way.

  • InStore Radio
    Technical solution and subscription/update services for the use of an InStore Radio. A smart and easy way to communicate with both visitors and staff.

  • Telecom Sound
    Development and implementation of the sound that often meets your customers first.
Consultancy and support:
The framework of our sound products are built to last. When your sound products are implemented we offer consultancy to maintain the Sound Strategy™. Both sound products and technology need regular check ups to stay up to date. Wether it’s your InStore Radio subscription or your customized soundscapes, this can be done monthly, semi-annually or annually.

Contact us for further information about our sound products.

Interested in learning more about audio branding or knowing what your specific business can gain from working strategically with sound? We offer workshops and seminars on how sound affects us, why our environments and products sound like they do and how sound can be used to create emotions, improve work environments, tell stories, strengthen brands and navigate.

Sessions include talks, creative exercises, best case studys and discussions adapted to your company’s specific needs. Contact us to talk more about our Workshops & Seminars.