Project update: MyTown


The sound environment is a big part of a shopping experience. All brands express themselves through sound, but not all have control over how they are heard. Studies show that people spend more time in sound environments that they appreciate but tend to leave bad sounding environments earlier.

MyTown is more than just shopping. MyTown focus on creating experiences through the customer journey; making memorable moments by implementing the brand into all aspects.
MyTown aspires to converge the best of both worlds that stems from their Scandinavian and local roots. They aspire to nurture the locals by integrating the Scandinavian approach to simplicity, connected to their values and consistent quality without foregoing our local vibrancy.
To offer people experiences, including a unique sound environment, is consistent with MyTowns commitment: “Enriching our customers lives by creating real and memorable moments”.  On this basis Radja Sound Design Agency will produce unique Soundscapes for special chosen areas at MyTown, Kuala lumpur.

The Soundscapes will comprise both organic- and electronic sounds as well as a number of natural elements. The auditory experience will focus on evoking the feeling of openess, spaciousness, freshness and light with a mix of sounds from both Malaysia and Scandinavia.
As a creative frame Radja will focus on MyTowns five core values: caring, for the many, convenient, inspiring and fun. Sound communication is all about balance. To create a dynamic shopping experience you have to provide your visitors different kinds of tempo. For the chosen areas, the tempo will primarily be low in order to offer the opportunity for relaxation and recovery of energy and as a complement to the more uptempo environment in the stores.