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Checklist: How to create successful audio branding


Todays competition for customers means that every brand must differentiate themselves by means of an image. A unique image creates a sustainable competitive advantage that is difficult to copy. To think holistic and combine different design elements gives a lot of opportunities to added value to the actual experience of a brand. This is also a way to clarify, strengthen and add flexibility to your overall communication, making it more versatile and long lasting.

Working with sound in a strategic way should be as obvious as having a graphic profile. We have put together a check list on what to think about when it comes to start taking control of how you sound. Ask yourself the following;

In what channels are you heard?
A brand communicates with it’s potential customers through a variety of channels, examples of which can be web, Instore radio, telephone exchange/PBX, physical enviroments like entrances and elevators, through marketing and events etc. These are channels that you can take control of audibly. In addition, perhaps there are channels where you would like to be heard, where you currently are not represented at all. Identify these and also the purpose and goals of being heard here.

What do you sound like in these channels?
After you have determined within which channels you are heard, you should think about the content. If you play music in your customer radio, what kind of music is it and what does it say about you? Does the music differ you from your competitors, or do you sound just the same? If you communicate with voices – does each voice reflect brand? Is it the “right” person talking to your customers? In elevators, for example, you often hear the elevator company’s “standard voice”, does this voice really fit your brand?

How would you like to sound?
Think about the experience you want your visitors to get and if your current sound environment meets this. If you have developed values ​​that you work with in your visual communication these should also be reflected in your audial communications and heard in your physical environments. And remember – it’s not always the one who shouts the loudest that gives the strongest impression.

How are your customers and visitors affected?
People are mainly influenced unconsciously by your sound communication and in environments it is the overall experience of a place that matters; that makes your visitors feel comfortable, stay longer and want to come back. What we know is that people avoid a poor acoustic environment – and are attracted to a pleasant one. The thing is that the human consciousness is delayed a half second behind reality, we receive sensory input on instinct and our perception of an environment is mostly recieved unconsciously. The probability that you will be in a better mood in a positive sound environment is 65%. The right choice of music make the customers stay longer and you can increase your sales by up to 61%. Consciously working with sound and music has a positive overall experience and also affects how customers perceive service and products.

Some of our audio products in selection:

Sound Logo / Musical Theme
Using a sound logo should be as obvious as using a the graphic equivalent. It often consists of a shorter and/or longer theme that is used in all channels where you communicate with sound. With high recognition and translation of defined core values ​​you establish your sound logo in channels like in commercial videos, web material, client radio, in radio/television, in PBX and marketing in general.

When it comes to music, the use of the right one creates fashion, atmosphere and gives the right mood and tempo to the experience of a place. The music can easily be handpicked based on your brand. One must not play music everywhere all the time, but it can meet the visitors at certain times of day, in different places in the for example a mall and even via channels like your website and PBX.

Unique soundscapes for a distinct environment enhances the experience and gives the visitor a sense of being noticed and pampered. A soundscape balanced against the environment where it’s played is perceived as inspiring, innovative and provides energy. There is no limit to what can be heard in one piece; elements of individual instruments, nature sounds, city sounds, people, machines, or purely electronic compositions contributes to a different experience than the one from mere music.

InStore Radio
With a client radio you have the ability to communicate with and guide your visitors by offers and messages. In the client radio you should also be aware of the voice that is heard, how often you play messages and what sort of information that gives the visitor value.

To put your destination into a context, build the brand and at the same time create value to your visitors, you can offer them the opportunity to listen to a story about, for example, the surrounding history of the site. But you can also let the children, and adults, listen to stories in order to entertain and offer relaxation.

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