Radja Sound Design Agency is an award-winning expert within audio branding.

We work with audio branding and sound design globally and create sound concepts and strategies for how destinations and brands should communicate with sound. Then, we produce audio products that matches these strategies. In short, we know how people are affected by sound and how to build and strengthen brands through strategic sound communication.

We partner with architects, retailers and marketers to conceptualize ideas for places that provide extra-ordinary experiences. Within our portfolio you will find sound strategies and concepts for commercial real estate owners, shopping destinations, architects and designers – among others.

We know how a strategic use of sound can benefit your business.
 Contact us today about anything regarding sound or music in communication.

  • Founded in 2008
  • Over 100 projects completed and delivered
  • Multiple wins of design/audio awards
  • Accredited member of the Audio Branding Society
  • Shortlisted in a variety of competitions worldwide
  • Hundreds of lectures and workshops on sound
  • Featured in international publications
  • Articles in magazines around the world

Sound affects us more than we often think and forms a significant part of how we experience brands, buildings and products. All brands communicate with sound and a business that becomes consious about how they are heard has a major competetive advantage.

Greater sales, increased customer satisfaction, increased brand asset value and more powerful marketing communication are all examples of benefits strategically used sound can provide your business.

You probably have a clear strategy for your visual communication.
It is about time to do the same with sound.

Sound facts:

    • Sound improves the customer experience
      Invest in an auditory atmosphere that your customers find comforting and energizing. This will have a positive impact on how long they stay in your building and their perception of your services and products.
    • Sound improves sales
      At a shopping destination with an elaborate sound environment customers stay longer, buy more and are more likely to make contact with a salesperson.
    • Sound enhances brand value
      Sound increases brand equity for your destination, building or product. Working consistently with sound makes your brand recognizable. It also makes you easy to remember and creates a sense of quality and reliability, factors you can’t afford to overlook.
    • Sound creates strong marketing
      Using the right kind of music and sound in your marketing is a powerful tool. It adds emotion and makes you advertising memorable. Using sound in a consistent way by using a sound logo or a branded theme gives you great advantage over your competitors.